Guardian Volunteers Improve Bemerton

On Thursday 12 of June 2014, The Bemerton Estate played host to the Guardian newspaper volunteers for a day of gardening and a residents’ barbeques in the sun. The now annual event saw the volunteers, Bemerton Staff and contributors from Central St Martin’s University transformed the corner on Copenhagen Street and Caledonian Road (in front of Orkney House). Centred on a theme of art and well-being, the volunteers planted a new hedge, built three impressive beds and planted them full of plants donated from the Chelsea Flower show. The day also provided a platform for three Masters Students from Central St Martin’s to present their work with the local community on the Bemerton.

Caledonian Ward Partnership Public Meeting, Tuesday 19 November 2013 at 7pm at Jean Stokes Community Hall, Coatbridge House, Bemerton Estate, N1 ODQ

You’re warmly invited to the forthcoming Caledonian Ward Partnership Public Meeting which will include information gathered from the recent consultation on the Cally Plan, an opportunity for you to hear about the new Bemerton East – West pedestrian route, a progress report on Team Cally ward priorities and a look back at this year’s Cally Festival.

Cally Plan – Next Steps - the purpose of the Cally Plan is to set out a vision for the future of the Cally and the practical steps for achieving this vision. The plan focuses on a stretch of the Caledonian Road from Regent’s Canal north to Pentonville Prison. The meeting will look at the information gathered from this summer’s public consultation on the plan and will outline how it will be implemented over the coming years.

Bemerton East – West Pedestrian Route – the Bemerton East – West Route is a scheme that will provide a pedestrian route from the new developments at Kings Cross Central, through the Bemerton Estate (Perth Green) to Caledonian Road and Thornhill Square to the east. The project was initially identified in the Bemerton Links and Spaces Project.

Team Cally Progress Report - the Cally has seen some significant changes over the last three years, and Team Cally has worked hard to respond to emerging issues and ensure that the Cally community is best placed to adapt and make best use of new opportunities. . There have been many highlights over the life of Team Cally, and this will be an opportunity to reflect on some of them and celebrate how far the neighbourhood has come.

A look back at Cally Festival 2013 - the Cally Festival organisers will present a short film showing the best highlights of this year’s Festival. This will be an opportunity to get your feedback on the festival in preparation for Cally Festival 2014.

Welcoming The Cally bridge to the Cally Road

Thank you to all who came to join us on Saturday afternoon to celebrate the opening of the newly named and newly painted bridge across the Caledonian Road. Deputy Mayor Theresa Debono joined us to release balloons as part of the festivities, alongside Councillors Paul Convery, Rupert Perry and Charlynne Pullen

We are very thankful to Network Rail who have project managed the regeneration of the bridge with the sole aim of benefitting the Caledonian community.

Kennedy’s pub offered their garden and generously prepared a delicious spread and celebratory drinks to enable the community to gather and further mark the occasion.

Bemerton TMO is recruiting Trainee Community Organisers

Trainee Community Organiser x 3

We are recruiting 3 Trainee Community Organisers to introduce an exciting approach to community organising and make real change in our local area.  

Are you passionate about bringing people together, getting people talking, listening to people’s ideas and making your community a better place to live? Do you have a positive and optimistic outlook, and are you open-minded and able to challenge your own and others’ attitudes and assumptions? Then this is the role for you!

The Community Organisers will be employed by Locality and hosted locally by Bemerton TMO to work with residents, businesses and groups, in Caledonian Ward of Islington and Bemerton Estate, to develop collective change at the grass roots.

Contract: 51 week fixed term contract with Locality commencing October 2013

Salary: £8.55 per hour

Hours: 30-35 hours per week

Closing Date for Applications: Monday, 19 August 2013 5pm

Interviews will be held on week commencing 16 September 2013

This is an accredited training post leading to a Certificate in the Foundations of Community Organising.  Successful candidates must be able to attend a three day residential training course from 22 – 25 October 2013.

Application is by personal statement and CV by email to:  

This should clearly show how you meet the essential criteria for Trainee Community Organiser as outlined in the Person Specification, including describing your experience and knowledge gained from paid and unpaid work roles.

Please email Chantell Brown for an application pack:

To download an application pack click here

For further information regarding these posts please call:  020 7609 – 8959 

Team Cally Caledonian Ward Partnership Public Meeting Wednesday 26 June 2013 at 7pm Jean Stokes Community Hall, Coatbridge House, Bemerton Estate, N1 ODQ

You’re warmly invited to the forthcoming Team Cally Caledonian Ward Partnership Public Meeting which will include a presentation on the Cally Plan, an opportunity for you to hear about the new arrangements for neighbourhood policing and find out how you can get involved in this year’s Cally Festival.

Cally Plan – We want your feedback

The presentation will allow all interested parties to hear what is being proposed in the ‘Cally Plan’ and will provide an opportunity for you to share your views and ask questions.

The purpose of the Cally Plan is to set out a vision for the future of the Cally and the practical steps for achieving this vision. The plan focuses on a stretch of the Caledonian Road from Regent’s Canal north to Pentonville Prison. The ‘Cally’ has some challenges which the plan seeks to address, as well as a lot of positive aspects that the plan aims to build on.

Learn about how the new arrangements for neighbourhood policing

Neighbourhood policing is an approach that seeks to increase contact between the police and local communities. Following several months of discussion about what the services will be include and the level of policing cover required, the new arrangements for our neighbourhood police teams are due to start on 24 June 2013.

Getting involved in The Cally Festival 2013

The Cally Festival is back on Sunday 8 September 2013 between 12 and 6pm. The Festival is a FREE street celebration of the Caledonian Road’s collection of diverse trade, community and art. This year’s Festival promises to be a great day out with a range of music, food, art, accessories, activities and entertainment on offer.

Volunteers are crucial to the success of the Festival from informing the public about the festival, stewarding, helping set up the equipment, and promoting activities to creating a fun and enjoyable atmosphere in the Cally on the days itself. Anyone can be a volunteer, no experience is necessary and it is a great opportunity to meet people, try something new and be part of a growing community festival.

For more information or to have your say email Mohamed Hammoudan on  or call 0207 609 8959 / 07960670435




Help choose a simple new legend for the Cally Road railway bridge

Option1 – Caledonian Road

Cally Labour Councillors are asking for the public’s opinions on a new sign for the railway bridge which is currently being repainted.

A few weeks ago, Islington Council learned that Network Rail was planning substantial maintenance of the bridge over Caledonian Rd.

A major part of the maintenance involves a complete repaint and this will remove the now faded “Ferodo” name.

Network Rail intends to paint the bridge in a bright blue – as they have already done at Camden Road.

Their plans have moved quickly. The maintenance work is already underway with half the road width blocked by scaffolding and one-way traffic working.

Option 2 – Cally Road


In the past fortnight, Team Cally and Islington Council have reached an agreement with Network Rail to permit a new legend on the bridge to create a new landmark sign on the bridge.

Because time is short we need to keep this simple.

Cllr Paul Convery says “Many people have a soft spot for the old sign. The name “Ferodo” has been a landmark on the Cally Road for decades. But it’s days are clearly numbered. It is, after all, an advertisement for a brake linings company that went bust in 2001.

“Many things are turning around on the Cally these days. We have the annual Cally Festival now well established, a Saturday street market, new businesses opening up, road safety measures and a programme of environmental improvements on our high street. It makes sense to paint a new legend on the bridge that reflects the renewed sense of identity for the Cally.”

Option 3 – The Cally


Three possible legends are illustrated in the pictures. Please let the local Councillors know which you think would suit best.

Contact them with your opinions or ideas by email at or send a text to 07768-117120. They will be taking a decision within the next 5 days.

Indeed if you have a better idea for a simple sign, please let them know.

The three modelled suggestions are:


Summary of Caledonian Ward Partnership Meeting held at Islington West Library Wednesday 13 March 2013

Summary of meeting chaired by Councillor Paul Convery

The meeting covered three key agenda items, these were:

  • Information about the upcoming welfare reforms (Martin Baillie)
  • An update on the Caledonian Ward Improvement Plan ( Cllr Paul Convery)
  • An update on the ‘Cally Plan’ ( Elliot Kemp)

 Welfare Reform

Martin Baillie, Income Maximisation Manager for Islington Council Housing and Adult Social Services, gave an outline about the upcoming welfare reforms.  These will affect Islington residents of working age through a range of complex welfare and housing benefit changes over the next 3-5 years.

Martin explained that the Coalition Government has already announced £80 billion in cuts with further cuts still being made.  A consequence of these cuts will mean many non-working residents will be reassessed to see if they are capable for work.  The structural changes are set out in the white paper ‘Welfare for the 21st century’ and essentially target people of working age. It is anticipated that those on Job Seeker’s allowance will be approximately £40 worst off.

Martin outlined the affects of the  imminent introduction of bedroom cap on housing benefit. The maximum amount of housing benefit is capped depending on how many bedrooms the tenant qualifies for example,  £250 a week – 1 bedroom property, £290 a week – 2 bedroom property, £340 a week –3 bedroom and £400 a week – 4 or more bedroom property. Tenants of private landlords will also be affected.

Martin emphasised that it is vital that people who anticipate that they may be affected receive the correct information in order that they can make appropriate plans.  He emphasised that voluntary and community sector organisations have a key role to play in supporting people to access the range of information and support available, including schemes run by the council to mitigate the more severe effects of the reforms.

Martin’s presentation is available here:  Impact of welfare reform

Chronological schedule of the main welfare reforms is available here:Timeline

Further sources of support in relation to the welfare reforms are available here: Islington Council 

The Caledonian Ward Improvement Plan

Cllr Paul Convery gave an overview and an update on the ward improvement plan.  This is a plan that describes a range of areas for improvement in the ward, for example in the streetscape, in parks, public facilities and estates. In short, it includes a range of measures that, once implemented, will make the ward feel like a better place to live in, work in and visit.

Cllr Convery outlined a range of areas in which improvement has been made over the past year with a total investment of over £½ million, these are:

  • Bemerton Links and Spaces (BLiS) this scheme aims to create walking routes through the estate to the new Kings Cross development in order to create better access for local people to the opportunities, for example, for employment, to the Kings Cross development.  This will be a £1/4million investment over several years.
  • Improvements to the Cally Pitch including resurfacing
  • Edward Square: play equipment improvement
  • West Library: improvements to the upper floors
  • Wharfedale Road: green wall and sculpture
  • Thornhill Square: play equipment improvements
  • Traffic calming measures: to support the 20mph limit and to redesign the one way system at the Kings Cross end of the Caledonian Road.
  • Sparkplug building: to complete this scheme
  • Running of Team Cally and to support the operation of the Cally Festival and the Cally Market
  • Support for local traders through improving shop fronts and parking
  • Improvements to playgrounds on the Caledonian Estate and on the estate near York Way, also to green space on the Westbourne Estate
  • Improvements to the surface of the games pitch on Bingfield Park

Cllr Convery’s presentation which has photographs of some of these schemes is available here: WIP Presentation

Click here to view the Caledonian Ward Improvement Plan in full

The Cally Plan

Elliot Kemp policy planning officer for Islington Council, outlined that a steering group of local residents, ward councillors, council officers and local organisations has been formed and this is working hard to develop a vision for the ‘Cally’ which will be captured in the Cally Plan.  The plan will cover:

  • Environmental improvements
  • Design guidance that will be used to inform planning decisions in order to preserve local people’s vision of the area and its historic features
  • Use of land in the area

Elliot explained that there will be a public consultation probably in late June and launch of the Cally Plan in October/ November 2013.

Click here for Cally Plan update

In the meantime, Elliot invited all residents to contact him with feedback, comments and questions:

Elliot Kemp email:  Tel: 020 7527 2618

Contact your local ward councillor regarding general issues:

Cllr Paul Convery email:

Cllr Charlynne Pullen email:

Cllr Rupert Perry email:

The next Caledonian ward partnership public meeting will be held on 26 June 2013 7pm venue TBC

Team Cally Caledonian Ward Partnership Public Meeting Wednesday 13 March 2013 at 7pm Islington West Library, Bridgeman Road N1 1BD

Join us at this public meeting which will consider the effects of welfare reforms that are shortly to be implemented, and continue the debate and conversation regarding ‘The Cally Plan.’

Impact of the welfare reforms: 

The Government is implementing a raft of changes to the benefit system to be phased in nationally between April 2013 and 2017.

These changes, which will have big impacts on both local councils, social landlords and tenants, are imminent. April 2013 will see the introduction of the ‘bedroom tax’ and benefit cap. The national roll out of Universal Credit, which replaces many existing benefits, begins in October 2013.

The main focus of the meeting is to  inform local residents of the changes which are taking place to the benefits system and  to let residents know what help is available from Islington Council and other organisations like Citizens Advice Bureau and Caledonian Connect- Help on Your Door Step.

The key element of the Welfare Reform is the introduction of universal credit, which replaces a range of key working-age benefits and tax credits.  Measures also include new rules governing access to housing and disability benefits.

A so-called ‘bedroom tax’, which will affect people on housing benefit who live in social rented homes considered to be under-occupied, is expected to affect many council house tenants in the ward.

Further debate and conversation on The Cally Plan:

The Cally Plan Supplementary Planning Guidance document has now been initiated following the ward partnership meeting and subsequent discussions with local residents and stakeholders on the Cally Plan group.  This document will set out the priorities and opportunities for the area that can be achieved through planning over the next few years and could include agreed priorities around the local businesses and shops, local land use, cultural/community/ leisure facilities, open space, transport and highways improvements.

The Plan is important because when it is adopted, planning officers will take its content into account when considering planning applications and making decisions. This is your opportunity to contribute to the plan and to help develop the vision for The Cally.

Ward Improvement Plan: 

The Caledonian Ward Partnership has agreed a plan which sets out the priorities and projects for the Caledonian ward and where it wants funding and grants to be spent.   Ward councillors will provide an update on how projects are progressing.

We look forward to seeing you.

For more information or to have your say email Mohamed Hammoudan, Team Cally Neighbourhood Coordinator on or call 0207 609 8959 / 07960670435

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