Football under Threat at Barnard Park?

(2014.11.19) Barnard Park

Arsenal in the community is encouraging residents to get involved in a public survey about a possible reduction in the football facilities at Barnard Park. They say that worryingly the survey doesn’t allow a full options and is encouraging people to vote ‘none of the above’ to challenge any reduction in the size of playing fields. The quick on-line consultation is available by clicking here . A spokesman for Arsenal in the Community stated, “We would suggest that the responses to Questions 5 and 11 should be ‘None of them’ and that Question 12 be ‘A full-size 3G regeneration of the current sports pitch footprint for sports activities,’ and for Question 22 ‘Options including a full renovation of the sports pitch footprint should have been included in this consultation.” The consultation closes on the 30 November 2014 and full information is available from Islington Council’s website.

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