Business Survey Launched with £150 Support Prize

Powered by the drive to create a Community Economic Plan for the Cally, businesses are asked identify changes required to launch the district as a shopping area over 2016! If you run a business and you’ve missed the postal and web survey, download and return the questionnaire here (2016.02.01) Business Survey v4. The Cally is proud to be an independent high street with around 110 local businesses operating at any one time. This means taking co-ordinated action to marshal change is possible and the only way to improve the area for everyone.  This survey is the final piece of research phase for the Community Economic Plan. Funds from the DCLG have paid for mystery shoppers to visit local businesses, high street consultants to take a ‘snapshot’, research into the Cally Market, and for a partnership project with London Metropolitan University to question local shoppers. The conclusions will be developed into an action plan where businesses can make concrete changes.  Businesses need to return their surveys by 21 February in order to win up to £150 in business support that will help them maximise their impact on the business, environment and community.

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