Caledonian Ward Partnership

The Caledonian ward partnership puts members of the local community in touch with Islington’s elected local councillors to let them play a greater role in influencing decisions and services in their area.
Each of Islington’s 16 wards has its own local partnership. The partnerships are a way for people and organisations in a ward to get involved, meet their councillors, share their knowledge and to help tackle local issues.
Team Cally facilitates the Caledonian ward partnership by organising regular steering groups and twice-yearly public meetings.
A senior council officer has been assigned to each partnership to support councillors in addressing local issues.

Ward Improvement Plans

Each partnership in Islington has agreed its own local Ward Improvement Plan which sets out how funding and grants will be spent in each area.
These Ward Improvement Plans (WIPs) have been developed for each ward in consultation with ward councillors. They mean investment priorities can be agreed in advance so that funding can be directed, where possible, towards the highest priority schemes in that ward.
The plans allow local residents to become more involved in identifying and prioritising schemes, with ward councillors and Ward Partnerships able to participate in an ongoing review.
You can submit a new scheme proposal via Islington Council’s website.
To contact your ward councillors, who are always keen to hear your views on how to improve the area, come to one of the partnership’s public meetings.
The King’s Cross Environment community website is another way to engage online on local issues as well as find out what’s happening in the area.
If you have any questions or you would like help, contact the Bemerton TMO office

Useful links

Ward Partnership Meeting 11 February 2015

The Ward Partnership met at All Saints Church on Wed 11 Feb 2015. Issues up for discussion were the Cally Comissions of new cycle racks and lighting for the Cally Bridge, and an initiative to improve waste collection on the Cally Road. Cllr Convery gave a round up of all the activities taking place around the ward and there was a discussion about the workings of the new traffic system affecting Wharfdale Road. Minutes and presentations are available:

(2015.02.11) Cally Ward Partnership Presentation 11 Feb 2015

(2015.02.11) Ward Partnership Meeting – Minutes 11 Feb 2015


Team Cally Steering Group Meetings

Team Cally Steering Group Minutes Feb 2012

Team Cally Steering Group Minutes 16 April 2012

Team Cally Steering Group Minutes 6 June 2012

Team Cally Steering Group Meeting Thursday 26 July 2012

Ward Partnership Meeting Presentations

Presentation from Caledonian Ward Partnership Public meeting 26th June 2013 

The Cally Plan Presentation

The Cally Festival 2013 Presentation

Team Cally Ward Priorities and Caledonian Ward Improvement Plan

Presentation from Caledonian Ward Partnership Public meeting 23rd May 2012

Caledonian Safer neighborhood team and partners

Cally Festival 2012

Bemerton Villages

Team Cally Ward Priorities

Caledonian Ward Improvement Plan

Islington Detached Team

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