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Cally Festival Update 21st March 2011

This last week has seen alot a progress and there is alot more to come very soon.

If you’re a local trader on the Cally Road you should have received a letter on Wednesday telling you all about the festival and how you can get involved. If you didn’t, don’t worry, we’ll be coming round again very soon to discuss what you can do for the festival.

We also have a new 3d plan in the pipeline (uploaded today or tomorrow). You can check out what will be going on where and even walkthrough the festival site. 

Again if you are a community organisation, local resident, local trader or anyone who has an interest in the Cally, please get in touch This is a community event and we really want everyone involved.

Cally Festival

Cally Festival Partnership Meeting

Tuesday 25th January, 1-3pm

Cally Resource Centre, 140 Copenhagen Street, Islington

Are you interested in getting involved in a festival on the Cally Road.

Taking place in Summer 2011, The Cally Festival is a chance for local organisations, residents and businesses to put on a great event for the benefit of everyone.

Please email for more information and to confirm your attendance.

We look forward to seeing you.

Minutes of Cally Festival Partnership Meeting

Team Cally – Caledonian Road